My name is Mattia Sarti, I am Italian and I created POP POP gallery!

POP POP gallery is an open digital space to share content, crazy projects and lots of art.

One of the reasons I created this gallery is to be free from people telling me what I have to do for a long career in the art system, when something needs to be reconsidered or how much a painting should amount to.

I believe in doing things when they are ready with my own logic and creativity, reflecting the mood of the moment without having to submit to the rules imposed by the market; sometimes the result of these works has a deeper meaning, sometimes simpler and more frivolous.

I love art and I like to experiment with new means of expressing myself; this is the path that has led me forward in my life and for this reason I will remain true to what I truly feel.

I chose to do this in the digital world to have the ability to be visible 24 hours a day from the comfort of the couch at home, every collector’s dream!